Riders who qualify for the Parade will
be notified by MDA by August 9. Those
who qualify to win a limited-edition
Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary
MDA wrist watch will be notified by
August 9.


All Parade of Heroes Milwaukee
participants will be notified by August 9
via email, fax, Federal Express or U.S.
mail. Once notified, all participants will
be required to sign a waiver of liability
and provide proof of a valid driver’s
license with motorcycle endorsement
(if applicable).

The grand prize winner for the Rome,
Italy, European Celebration will be
notified by May 8, 2013.

A spot in the Parade of MDA Heroes
doesn’t include an event ticket to
the 110th Anniversary events or a
hotel room in Milwaukee. Heroes are
responsible for purchasing a ticket to
enter any of the 110th Anniversary
venues and for arranging hotel

The 110 riders with the highest contributions for MDA will be invited to ride in the Parade of MDA Heroes, Saturday, August 31, 2013, in Milwaukee, Wis.

NEW! The top fundraising rider* and guest wins a trip to the 110th Anniversary in Rome, Italy.

The Parade of MDA Heroes will showcase the generosity of Harley- Davidson riders and their passion for helping to provide independence to children and adults served by MDA. Riders can collect pledges and donations for MDA through any local Harley- Davidson dealer or H.O.G. rides for MDA nationwide, and earn outstanding recognition for their fundraising efforts.

limited-edition Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary MDA wrist watch

• All riders who raise $1,600 or more will receive a limited-edition Harley- Davidson 110th Anniversary MDA wrist watch ($1,600 sends two children to MDA summer camp).

• All riders who raise $4,800 or more will receive a guaranteed spot in the Parade of Heroes at the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary; a Parade of Heroes flag; a Harley- Davidson 110th Anniversary MDA wrist watch; and an invitation to an exclusive MDA Harley-Davidson party ($4,800 sends six kids to MDA summer camp).

• The top rider and a guest* will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Rome, Italy, for the 110th Anniversary European Celebration, June 13-16, 2013.

*Based on income contributed to MDA of $25,000 or more banked by May 1, 2013.

An event like this only comes along once every 110 years!


Here’s how to qualify for the Parade of MDA Heroes in Milwaukee or the Rome, Italy, Celebration:


1. Riders must raise funds as part of a Harley-Davidson dealer and/or H.O.G. Chapter event for MDA before
August 1, 2013. All donations must reach MDA by that date.

2. Riders may use a new custom online Parade of MDA Heroes collection site where they can send group emails,
track donations, and stay in touch with friends and family who support them on their ride home. Sign up at mdaevent.
All donations received online must be banked and verified by a local MDA office — or
contributed through the site — no later than August 1, 2013. Only Harley- Davidson motorcycles will be allowed in
the parade.

3. RAISE THE MOST AND YOU’RE OFF TO ROME! In order to qualify for the Rome, Italy, European Celebration, one rider and a guest must bank the most verifiable funds of $25,000 or more online— or through a U.S. dealer event — by May 5, 2013.

4. Only Harley-Davidson motorcycles will be allowed to participate in the parade.

5. All winners of the Rome, Italy trip are based on the total amount raised through individual fund-raising, not H-D dealer events or H.O.G. group events.


1. A local MDA representative must verify and submit your name, address and other information for inclusion in the Parade of MDA Heroes.

2. Rider information will be taken from the Parade of MDA Heroes website mdaevent.org/paradeofmdaheroes by August 1, 2013.


Proceeds from the Parade of MDA Heroes will be used to fund MDA programs, including MDA summer camps in more than 43 states. MDA summer camp provides a barrierfree week for youngsters, many of whom use wheelchairs or who have other mobility limitations.

Campers enjoy accessible activities like swimming, horseback riding, arts and crafts, sports and games, and making lifelong friendships with kids who are living with similar challenges.

H.O.G. chapters and enthusiasts add to the fun at dozens of camps with “Harley-Davidson Day” — another highlight that usually begins with the unmistakable thunder of a parade of motorcycles entering the campsite followed
by rides with campers.